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The Shade Garden is situated on the north side of the Dane County UW Extension office building along the foundation.  The garden has over 170 cultivars of shade-loving plants, including 50 hosta, 4 japanese maple trees, 5 hydrangea bushes, 5 ligularia, 5 brunnera, and multiple varieties of actaea, hellebores, heuchera, heucherella, lamium, tricyrtis, trillium, etc.  

Shade Garden Team
Team members learn about perennials and woody plants that grow well in full shade or dappled shade.  Other learning opportunities include: 
  • plant division and transplanting (timing and techniques)
  • pruning techniques (numerous specimen trees in the garden)
  • how to cut back different species of hydrangeas
  • ground hugging plants that reduce mulching needs
  • diagnosing and managing pest problems (jumping worms and slugs primarily)
  • addressing hosta damage from deer 
  • diagnosing and managing disease problems (monitoring Japanese maples for verticilium wilt)
Libby Howting is the Shade Garden Team Leader.  Libby is a 2008 MGV graduate.  She has volunteered at Olbrich Gardens, Second Harvest Food Bank  (creating pollinator gardens there) and answers questions at the Monona Farmers' Market 'Ask a Master Gardener' table. Her yard is quite shady so she is looking forward to sharing what she has learned at home and gather new ideas from the other shade gardeners.  One of Libby's strengths is pruning and she enjoys pruning and shaping woody plants and trees to be as attractive as possible.

Continuing team members include:

Karen Lee-Wahl 3rd Year
Phil Luedtke 4th Year
Barb Park 3rd Year
Matthew Whiting 3rd Year
Chris Zimmerman 4th Year

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